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Company Profile

Company Profile

  Huizhou Dongjiang Veolia Environmental Service Co., Ltd. was jointly established in 2005 by the leading domestic environmental protection company Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd. and the world's top 500 Veolia Environmental Group, responsible for the investment, design, construction and operation of the "demonstration center"; The first domestic project in the field of hazardous waste treatment to be constructed and operated through international bidding, signed a 30-year franchise agreement with the Environmental Protection Department of Guangdong Province; and formally obtained the "Hazardous Waste Management License" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2010 .
  Dongjiang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd .: Established in September 1999 and successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on January 29, 2003, it is the first domestic private environmental protection company to be listed overseas.
  Veolia Group : It is a benchmark enterprise in the field of global resource optimization management, with operations on five continents and more than 163,000 employees. The group designs and implements solutions in the field of water, waste and energy management to support the sustainable development of towns and enterprises. Through three complementary business areas, Veolia helps to obtain resources, protect resources and replenish resources. 
  Guangdong Provincial Hazardous Waste Comprehensive Treatment Demonstration Center ("Demonstration Center" for short) is one of the 31 comprehensive hazardous waste disposal centers in the "National Hazardous Waste and Medical Waste Disposal Facilities Construction Plan". It is part of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection in Guangdong Province". The start-up project of 5 hazardous waste treatment and disposal centers planned in the "Plan"; it is the first large-scale demonstration environmental protection project prepared by the Environmental Protection Department of Guangdong Province; the "demonstration center" has domestic and foreign hazardous waste treatment and disposal projects Advanced technology, and as the following four bases, committed to environmental protection
➯Demonstration base for comprehensive disposal of hazardous waste
➯Hazardous waste disposal technology research and development base
➯Experimental base for the combination of hazardous waste treatment and ecological protection
➯Propaganda and education base for ecological and environmental protection

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