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Industrial Services

Industrial Services

1. Environmental steward

In response to the needs of all petrochemical parks and their own professional advantages and long-term practical experience, the environmental protection butler services of all petrochemical parks are divided into three categories: consulting services, technical services, and engineering services. The service content covers the environmental protection needs of petrochemical enterprises in all fields.


2. High pressure water jet service

With the introduction of Veolia special equipment, the construction is safe and efficient, and the cost advantage is obvious, which is well received by customers. Its efficiency directly affects the shutdown time of equipment overhaul; its effect directly affects the operation effect of equipment after driving; its safety is worthy of attention.


3. Hazardous waste warehouse management service

Utilizing many years of hazardous waste disposal experience in the demonstration center and introducing a professional hazardous waste warehouse management team, the company can reduce potential safety hazards in hazardous waste storage, save investment in environmental risks, and achieve legal compliance management.


4. Vacuum dredging and robot cleaning service

Various types of pools and storage tanks are dredged in the factory, which is suitable for cleaning in various hazardous environments and prevents personnel from entering confined spaces.


5. Environmental emergency services

When hazardous waste leaks during production and transportation, we will provide customers with on-site collection and disposal services, which are fast, safe and professional.


6. Technical consulting services for soil remediation

Utilizing Veolia's global soil remediation experience, we provide technical consulting services and construction services for customers' on-site land pollution control.

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