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Security engineer

Security engineer

  • Time of issue:2016-01-20
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Security engineer

Job description:

1. Implement the national policies, regulations, and relevant regulations of the state on occupational health and safety, and the environment, as well as the relevant regulations of the higher-level departments, and supervise and manage the production site safety.

2. Maintain the operation of the certification system, formulate relevant occupational health and safety management procedures, systems and methods, and supervise the implementation, guide and coordinate on-site safety construction and management after approval.

3. Responsible for the sharing and training of safety knowledge, focusing on plant-level safety education, training and assessment for incoming production operations and construction personnel, supervising the implementation and implementation of the three-level safety education and training of various departments, and establishing training files.

4. Organize regular and irregular safety inspections, check the on-site safety production status and on-site construction and operation safety status, keep a record of safety supervision and inspection, and supervise the relevant departments to rectify and implement the problems found.

5. Organize the investigation and handling of production safety accidents, conduct accident statistics, analysis, qualitative, responsibilities and reporting, and supervise and inspect the implementation of the accident report handling system by various departments.

6. Responsible for the management of labor protection products and emergency medicines for the company's employees, and establish occupational health management files, and organize on-the-job health examinations for employees.

7. Participate in the implementation and discussion of technical schemes at the production site, review meetings, supervise and inspect the implementation of safety technical measures, and conduct on-site safety acceptance of various technical transformation projects.

8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

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