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Customer Service Specialist/Assistant (non-technical)

Customer Service Specialist/Assistant (non-technical)

  • Time of issue:2016-01-20
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Customer Service Specialist/Assistant (non-technical)


1. Possess professional chemistry theoretical knowledge and practical experience in chemical engineering, environmental protection, etc., and work experience in manufacturing enterprises;

2. Strong language skills, good at communication and coordination; training experience or corporate publicity experience is preferred;

3. Have good professional ethics, confidentiality and teamwork spirit; strong work initiative and adaptability;

4. Knowledge of environmental protection and hazardous waste disposal and related laws and regulations are preferred; those with a driver's license and who know how to drive are preferred;

5. Good at communicating with people of various personalities; able to withstand greater work pressure and obey the company's arrangements;

6. The working place is Huizhou.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for training customers and transporters on hazardous waste packaging;

2. Organize the relevant collection and transportation information after the contract is signed according to the region, predict the frequency of waste collection and transportation, and formulate a monthly waste collection and transportation plan and VIP customer on-site service tracking plan;

3. Daily management of dispatching vehicles and transporters;

4. Assist in the issuance, delivery and recording of customer waste transfer coupons;

5. Monthly statistics on the implementation of the monthly waste collection and transportation plan.

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