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Human Resources Reserve Clerk/Specialist

Human Resources Reserve Clerk/Specialist

  • Time of issue:2016-01-22
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Human Resources Reserve Clerk/Specialist

Job description:

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in human resources, administrative management or related majors;

2. Familiar with the relevant knowledge of each module of human resources and relevant laws and regulations;

3. Enthusiastic and cheerful, positive and motivated, strong execution, responsibility, initiative, and service awareness; good communication, coordination and affinity, and strong sense of teamwork;

4. English CET-4 or above, with good English reading and writing skills; proficient in using word, excel and other office software. Proficiency in using relevant office software


1. Assist the department to carry out related daily work (such as: daily attendance management, overtime management, annual leave management, recruitment management, performance management, training, etc.);

2. Responsible for the management of employee files and labor contracts, and regularly maintain and update file information to ensure the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of various file information;

3. Responsible for the preliminary production of various internal and external statements/reports of the department, the printing, issuance, and signing of training agreements and other basic data statistics and preliminary analysis;

4. Responsible for the maintenance of SA8000 related system forms and attendance system, and assist the department to carry out training work.

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