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Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse Clerk

  • Time of issue:2016-01-20
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Warehouse Clerk

Job description:


1. Technical secondary school degree or above in warehouse and logistics, junior college is preferred;

2. Have more than one year of relevant work experience in warehouse, hardware, and logistics

3. Forklift license is preferred

4. Work conscientiously and responsibly, bear hardships and stand hard work.


1) Responsible for the waste confirmation of the company's warehouse and related storage location management;

2) Responsible for the information management of the warehouse, and establish clear warehouse books and ledgers;

3) All items are managed by category, neat and orderly, and 5S management is realized;

4) Responsible for the check and acceptance, accounting and issuance management of warehouse items and valuable waste products, and improve the procedures and procedures for warehouse receipt and exit;

5) Do a good job in the daily inspection of various items, check the items regularly, and set a reasonable inventory according to the frequency of use of the materials;

6) Be familiar with the variety, specification, model and performance of the corresponding material, and respond to various usage problems in time;

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